Jorge Riveros Colombian, b. 1934


Jorge Riveros was born on November 10, 1934 in Ocaña, Norte de Santander. Always following the golden mean or golden ratio as a mathematical and aesthetic principle, he hasdevoted his life to painting as a spiritual practice, as a way to elevate life and dignify reality,and as a meditative and discreet way of living.

In 1948 he moved to Bogotá and later, in 1950, he worked as an art draftsman in the newspapers “El Liberal”, “El Diario Gráfico” and the Cromos magazine of this city. He studied Fine Arts at the National University of Colombia from 1951 to 1956, the year in which he obtained the title of Master in Painting and Professor of Drawing. He worked as a professor in several artistic drawing centers, and in 1960 he made his first exhibition. In 1964 he was awarded the first prize in the Salon de Artistas Santandereanos. Riveros started as a figurative painter and his progressive transformation as an abstract artist came to completion while living and working in Germany. The paintings preceding his trip to Europe, reveal an artist debating between abstraction and a realism with an expressionist tendency.
In 1964 he traveled to Europe, where he took an Art History course at the Institute of Hispanic Culture and completed his specialization in Mural Painting at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid, Spain. A year later, in 1965, he moved to Germany and held several solo and group exhibitions in different cities in this country. In 1969 he became part of the group of artists “Semikolon” making numerous exhibitions with this association. During this year he also became a member of the Art Association for the Rheinland and Westfalen in Düsseldorf.