24 October - 24 November 2020

Geometries and abstractions. Homage to Negret is a curatorship that starts from the review of a series of eight exhibitions with forty artists that the artist Edgar Negret held during 1990, a year he called Los Concretos. Negret's purpose with these exhibitions was support and spread the language of abstraction in our country and give a unique character to your gallery. Geometries and abstractions. Homage to Negret brings together the works of twenty-five artists who exhibited 30 years ago under the eye of the sculptor. They are: Alberto Riaño, Armando Londoño, Arturo Serrano, Carlos Enrique Rodríguez, Carlos Rojas, Carlos Torres, Consuelo Gómez, Edgar Negret, Edelmira Boller, Hermann Angarita, Hugo Zapata, John Castles, Jorge Riveros, Juan Jaramillo, León Trujillo, Luis Fernando Roldán, Mónica Negret, Manuel Hernández, Margarita Gutiérrez, Omar Rayo, Pilar Caballero, Rafael Echeverri, Ronny Vayda and Santiago Uribe Holguín. In this exhibition is the artist and curator who visualized the solidity of abstract art in Colombia and who built a bridge between Mesoamerican cultures and modernity, through his own lucid grammar, and through the use of a material such as aluminum which he transformed into hundreds of sculptures. In his work he merged reason, the organic, his spirit and the pre-Hispanic heritage through an abstract language that, at the time, challenged the prevailing academicism in sculpture in Colombia at the end of the 1950s. With his works he gave new meanings to the indigenous ancestral myths, preserved the enigmas under the incessant metamorphoses of the material. With the application of monochromatic colors on this material, he created flat and unified surfaces with an appearance of lightness and independence. By molding it and connecting it with nuts and bolts, located alternately and in an orderly manner, it generated firm structures that float in space.