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Ernesto Leal, Trastornos del lenguaje

"Ernesto Leal is a sort of “scientist of art,” as his interest in that field and its representational system has demonstrated. This past May 8, the Galería Habana inaugurated the exhibit titled Trastornos del Lenguaje (Language Disorders), in which Leal has once again shown his deconstructive and cynical gesture toward the system of relationships that move a work of art forward. Intervening the space with writings by art critics – who had written about his work – was the exercise presented by the artist, an exercise that also works as an environment by creating an atmosphere of suspense, as if the artist was testing us in the face of the perceptive and procedural disorder of the diverse connotations that we find in his work. He manipulates us by placing his sui generis works, written in English, on a granite floor that makes reading the works difficult, or on a circular column that compromises our efforts to decode the images placed there."


fragment taken from the article Ernesto Leal, Galería Habana. artnexus/5d63490390cc21cf7c0a21f8/74/ernesto-leal

September 10, 2009