Artishock magazine

Presents an article about Federico Ovalles and his exhibition at the Elvira Moreno Gallery

On the occasion of the recent exhibition UTOPÍAS DE LO INMATERIAL the contemporary art magazine Artishock published the article 'Federico Ovalles-Ar. Desde los Márgenes del Desencanto'.

"Although the sad evolution of the urban condition in Venezuela today registers much more serious negative consequences than the disenchantment of the artistic field with modern utopia, that urban condition has marked different generations of artists constrained to face the surrounding reality and the presence of something ghostly and latent from the glorious past. In that environment, Federico Ovalles has produced a vision of the world that is an experience disposed before our sensitive qualities, and that therefore allows the appropriation and individual processing of the chaotic and unjust reality that characterizes city life in Latin American metropolises."

Fragment written by curator Nydia Gutiérrez.

February 3, 2022