Liz Callejas @ NAVE. GOETHE INSTITUT, Bogotá

ARTEscénicas+digitalidad is a residency that seeks to promote experimentation between performing arts and new media, technologies and digital tools, through the promotion of research-creation.
Within the framework of this program, Liz Callejas's Reconnaissance project arrives at NAVE.
Recognize is a research-creation proposal led by Liz Callejas in the company of her work team made up of Juan Balcázar and Rebeca Zaa.
Recognize centers the analysis or study of motion capture through the use of technology, translating corporeal, digital and sound abstractions into a field of experimentation that mutates organically into a kind of hybrid scenario, which opens the discussion on paper of new technologies applied to the transfer of knowledge, from a sensitive, reflective and critical point of view.
Etymologically speaking, “recognize” is made up of the repetition prefix which, in turn, is a palindromic word that needs to strengthen the concept of this proposal, since it tends to reformulate the importance of the act of recognizing, so much so that recognizing does not mean another thing to create again from an already known wood” (Baron Jacok, 1926).
Consequently, the intention to “materialize” or give meaning to these motion captures designates a destiny that is established in an object response (scenario).
From this scenario, a "living code" is established that transits in other logics and spatial values ​​that are only fed in their digital matter, linked to exploring a new idea of ​​experience that allows unlearning of a rational process and, in the process, provokes a path to record the symbolic potential of the journey.
This journey affects us all; to the environment, to nature, to the imaginary futures of new worlds, and therefore, places us in questioning about conventional cognitive and perceptive models in which we are elaborating vital ethical and philosophical values ​​of this time.
Thus, from these intersections it is possible to build a collective pattern that embodies the challenge of orienting a horizon of new digital corporeal identities, in a kind of "codes" as the greatest creative act in times of transition.
September 22, 2022