Hypermedia Magazine

Ernesto Leal: Handwriting by Francois Vallee

...Ernesto Leal is a tireless experimenter; His art is inspired by painting, sketching, photography, sculpture, video, installation, performance, the new experiences of conceptual or process art, but it always goes back to its essential origin (without noise, without great didactic statements: Leal is an anti-illusionist par excellence), and that art cannot be modern: art eternally reverts to the origin, which is the image, the figural thought.


A dense work, a rarity, what we could call Duchamp, a “superior aesthetic”, which operates in the most diverse genres and composes a singular intellectual and critical project, built with a remarkable coherence; a painful lucidity, a fierce irony, an astonishing constancy, as a sacred; an absolute rigor, an acute intelligence, a broad culture, an intense spirituality, like an ascesis; a kind of path of individual perfection that gives him to his workshop: metaphorical place of intellectual, spiritual and mental metamorphosis; an enigmatic aura.

August 25, 2020