Ernesto Briel @ Sotheby's London
Ernesto Briel played a decisive role in the circulation of geometric abstraction in Cuba at this time. Many of his works that are included in this exhibition were printed in Signos; a national magazine published in a conscious effort to prevent cultural isolation. Briel left Cuba across the Mariel Bridge in 1980 and continued her practice in New York, receiving the Cintas Foundation grant in 1988-1989 and exhibiting in a series of solo and group shows. These exhibits included the now historically relevant Duo Geo exhibit in 1992, which featured Briel's work alongside her friend and fellow Cuban artist, Carmen Herrera.. Briel died of AIDS-related complications in 1992. Her legacy lives on through the myriad of challenges that he overcame and his commitment to his artistic practice, especially the international language of Op Art, as a means of transcending cultural boundaries.
December 15, 2017