Destrudo Substrato Medellin: Federico Ovalles exhibit @ the Alliance Française of Medellin. Curated by Nydia Gutierrez

2 December 2021 - 28 January 2022

"Destrudo, in psychoanalysis a term introduced by the Italian psychoanalyst Edoardo Weiss in 1935 that refers to the energy of the destructive impulse. It is the opposite of libido. While libido (energy from Eros) is the impulse to create, destroyed is the one that encourages us to destroy everything within our reach, including our own self.

Based on this premise, I generated this project for the Alliance française Medellín where I  upholstered the showroom with found wood debris and other materials found in the streets of Medellín to generate a DECONSTRUCTIVE environment where you can walk and be; in turn these woods were  intervened in situ with cement, white and black paint thus generating geometries in contrast to the wooden bases."


Federico Ovalles