“Nature is a pillar in the worldview of the Mayan peoples. All beings are part of the same living system. "Mother Earth" or 'mother nature' is the container of life: a tree, a stone, water, the sky, the wind... everything has the same breath of life that makes it deserving of the deepest respect.

Lately, my artistic production is related to textiles and my experience and closeness from childhood to my weaver mother, an ancestral ttradition that i took since childhood.  For this reason, the act of weaving on the backstrap loom represents for me the connection of the body with the textile, the textile with the trunk of a tree, the tree with its roots in mother nature, therefore the textile process with its strap attached to my waist and abdomen ends up being like an umbilical cord.

Weaving textiles in a forest – getting entangled between body and soul – is a manifestation of the close relationship between mother nature and
the human being; however, the industrial loom, as it has being conceived, is separated from the land thus far from its primordial intentions. By returning the backstrap loom to the body I restore the connection between the body, the textile and mother nature.”

To our mothers.

Antonio Pichilla Quiacain