Lucio Celis Colombian, b. 1927

Bogotá, 1927.

Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro
Architect, landscaper, artist and musician, born in Bogotá in 1927. He studied architecture at the National University of Colombia. During a proliphic proffessional career Celis developed an extensive plastic and architectural practice between Colombia and Brazil. Currently he spends his creative time  in the middle of a garden designed and planted as a collaboratve endeavor between his Lucio Celis Studio and  his fellow and lifetime friend the Brazilian and world renown landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx.  Among his most remarkable  projects are CN70, a sound installation in collaboration with the Colombian composer Jacqueline Nova that remained unpublished until 2017 when the Bogotá Museum of Modern Art installed it for the very first time, the method of sleeping to achieve a better productive and creative capacity that became known trans and internationally  in the 1950s, and his preeminent and remarkable extensive collage series that began in the 1950s and developed until the 1970s, a foretelling  critical work on the use of asbestos in architecture. Celis is known as well for having created numerous architectural and landscape projects in Caracas, Rio de Janeiro and Bogotá, most of them tore down though few of them remain unscathed.