GRAMATICAL: Ernesto Leal

1 August - 30 September 2022

Faithful to its principles of giving art a voice in its most forceful manifestos of contemporary Latin American art, Galeria Elvira Moreno has the privilege of presenting the GRAMATICAL exhibition of the Cuban artist Ernesto Leal, a show that brings together the most representative works of his series so far and unprecedented in continental America.

Leal is an artist whose work is an unequaled manifesto, a deep reflection of a personal situation that demands our attention and solidarity and that, in a subtle and sublime way, presents us in each of them not only an invitation to contemplation but also to reflection.  Each line is an endless gesture that uses the plots of the fabrics to methodically and compulsively trace the expression of a new language. If we knew in advance that this language reveals a challenge to the rigorous and incessant censorship that limits its expression, we'd understand that behind this obsessive precision lie  endless cries of nonconformity forged through countless hours of intense application, discipline, and dedication. Any adjective that can express the pride I have in presenting his message and work is not enough to describe the feeling that our space receives such a historically relevant and transcendent artist.


Elvira Moreno