República Newspaper

Jorge Riveros interviewed by journalist Karen Pinto Duitama

In a relevant note in the Culture section of the newspaper La Republica, the journalist Karen Pinto Duitama assertively and spontaneously interviews the artist Jorge Riveros, showing us his human and artistic essence giving us a ‘glimpse in advance’ of the extraordinary and historical exhibition to be held in our space next September 29, “Constructive Forms, Origins and Progression”(link in bio) In the words of our director: “The work of the master Riveros is one of the most relevant and not yet deeply studied historical references in Colombia, our space has focused on his most primordial work with the intention of inviting academic reflection and history of his work and the great influences he has had on international and contemporary art. It is truly a pride and privilege to be the space that the master has chosen for this exhibition that brings together his most seminal works and the use of noble materials in its execution."


Thanks to the newspaper La República, to its editor Joaquín López and its journalist Karen Pinto.