BOCAS magazine

artist Jorge Riveros interviewed @ Bocas magazine

"Jorge Riveros's workshop is located on a mountain on the outskirts of Bogotá. His house, which is also his studio, is part of a condominium of houses that are scattered on both sides of a steep road that seems to have no end . From his place of work you can only see trees that let you guess, down there, a bit of the Bogotá Savannah. The master is 87 years old and continues to work with out stop. Before starting the interview, he tells me that in the early hours of the night before he saw something in the newspaper that caught his attention and he immediately went to his study to land the idea that came to his head."


Fragment taken from the article, written by Diego Garzón Carrillo.



Images taken from the printed version of BOCAS magazine. Photographs by Pablo Salgado