Paula Juchem Brazilian, b. 1974

She studied Industrial Design and began her professional career as a diagrammer and collage artist. Between 1998 and 2012 she lived in Milan, where she collaborated as an illustrator for names like Cassina and Salani publishing house, before returning to São Paulo. “I feel that I am more Brazilian after so many years abroad. Now, in any work I do, I talk about Brazil”, explained the artist. In 2017 she presented her ceramic collection “Alchemies” at Firma Casa (which has the Campana brothers among its designers). The overgrown surfaces of fruits, animals and organic forms were an intricate display of love and enthusiasm for the return. From then on, she her desire to use ceramics in a "wrong" way (without respecting the temperatures nor the order of the process), and by exploring playful and expressive ornamentation, she has given life to her own language, as "confused, exuberant and spontaneous" as Paula Juchem describes Brazilian cities. “I am very happy when my pottery becomes complex. It is full of elements and details that I put there because I need them to tell the stories that they are in my head”, concluded the artist.